Answers to all your questions

Why we cannot see the Spratt 103 flying ?
1) Just see it fly on the photos and videos of the site (nothing changed since = Perfect !…)
2) Impossible to present it in meetings. Too many enemies / ‘competitors’ (details in the french FAQ page).

From simple curiosity how many users have bought the plans ?
200 in 26 countries. Many offered (to those who have no money or who have helped me)

Do you have contact with those who stopped construction or did not start ?
Renaat (young fan who fit a 2 CV car engine) was contacted by Daelemans (thief of my Honda GX620) and by Le Camus (professional liar) to stop his construction…
Other: Claude Adam, who understood with the accident of Canouet that his modifications on my concept (change of glue to make the wings, change of fixing its V tail… which move when it ride it, no TIG weldings, fairing without having flying before, …) could crash him, so, logically, he refrained from flying … and after being contacted by lier Le Camus, he also stole the new Honda GX690 that I had lent to him…

Except your, is there other Spratt 103 that flies ?
After all the machines that have flown with this concept (Spratt, Leyat, Freewing, check in History page…) and due that the Spratt 103 is actualy built in China, Russia, Australia (etc …), I do not worry about the future … if the plans will be respected !

And did your former test drivers let you down ?
After that I have done the first flights, I wanted expert opinions. I paid them high prices (without invoices…) but they were contacted by Coulon (manager of all french light planes medias…) in order to eliminate what reminds the true economic ultralights.
Details : After Horn (teacher of instructors) revealed that the Spratt 103 is perfect (with more than 30 various flights tests, see photos on site) he deliberately destroyed it by posing it in shrubs (without any damage for him, of course ! ) … and 2 months later he got a 3 page ad-article in Vol Moteur magazine + advertising every month since that date…
The next test pilot (and last, because no reason to continue) was Gouin, instructor who have done more than 20 flights only near the ground …till I discovered that his dishonesty was linked to the fact that he was employee of …Coulon !

Where are the difficulties of this construction and its piloting ?
Absolutely none !

Do you offer kits ?
That’s planed. Several TIG welders are very interested.

If your Spratt is really interesting, would there be a potential market ?
Huge ! Amphibious ambulances for third world countries + flying cars due to its simplicity of construction and piloting, etc … etc … ( = Other reason of the attacks it undergoes …)

It attracts me so much but for now I invested all my fortune in a drone company but I did not earn anything.
So… build a Spratt 103 to scale 1/10 and you will have a drone much superior to the others : Very economic, camera in pendulum, great autonomy, no turbulences nor vibrations nor stalls + safe landing for the camera if problem occur with the electric motor…

I’d like to understand why you’re deadlocked.
Impasse causes defamation of the Couilon club (cause no money offered on my part!) + Flights of my engines + The ten trials in progress against these bastards … but the French Justice being what it is (ex: Politicians, cops and Rotten lawyers are never convicted) I have no choice but to publish all truths with evidence in this new site (‘FAQ’ page) resulting in great loss of time.

I’m looking for a viable thing. I hesitate between the Spratt 103 and a Flying Flea. What is your opinion ?
The Fleas are dangerous because their fixed rear wing make them tumble and pass on their backs.
It is not for nothing that in my list of people who have helped me and advised me is Yves Millien, who supports me with funds and who flew on more than 30 different Fleas and nearly crashed 2 times due to those tumbles … but reacted positively, unlike all the accidents on the other Fleas (except the Balerit, without problem because the masses are centered … like the Spratt 103 !)
> Report of Millien’s knowledge about dangerous rear wings<
That’s the reason why the stupid Dalby is now making bad copies of the Spratt 103 after he started with the Pouchel (but he continues to sell those plans for the money !)

Does the Naca profile he speaks of, the same as that of your wings ?
The Naca 23112 is on the Fleas because G. Spratt used it for its wings since 1936 (yes!)

I have my shoulder blocked, is it possible to use the Spratt 103 ?
No worries. The President of the Flying Handicap (Photos page) will tell you that the Spratt is very accessible from a wheelchair (and ‘driving’ is effortless). One machine is finished in Russia (with the transport of the wheelchair included)

What is your relationship with the FFPLUM ? (french federation of UL aircrafts)
The CRS commandant Mereuze had been elected FFPLUM President with the help of Vol Moteur (main UL french magazine), to eliminat the true UL aircrafts (difficults to control by the government and not profitable enough for medias and UL shops) to promote the actual light aircrafts…
The federation has never supported the Spratt 103 (on the contrary, offering even 6,000 € to the copier Dalby …) nor the anti-collision system that it rejects stupidly.
On the other hand, they supports the dishonest Camus : Stage BEA that they paid to him + Full pages of advertisements in his magazine ‘Ulmiste’ + ‘Articles’ paid under his pseudo’ Gedéron ‘, etc etc ….
+ Scandals with this Federation, there are plenty others :
Examples about corruptions with Castany insurance + Cosmos and Randkar crashes …never quoted by the FFPLUM (because ads from them were published in their magazine !), etc…

How many stopped because of the crash of the other unconscious ?
All have stopped following the defamations of Le Canus on Facebook, relayed by its accomplices APPULMA (of which I was part of the direction 15 years ago before Cottet turned me because I had discovered its tricks) and Forum ULM-ela- Elsa (of which 2 complaints for defamation had already been filed in recent years).
Unconscious side, here is another: Mr Couffin in Nogaro in the Gers, which has plans n ° 42 not respected and … which is supported by the BEA!
Pure madness!

What is the hardest or longest: to plane an engine or adapt it to Spratt ?
All industrial engines of good power have the same fixings and dimensions to compete but to be fast and economical to modify to the airplane it is of the work (not for those who will do the same then … following the advice and Plans I’m doing!)

What is the maximum power you allow ?
80 kgs of thrust are perfect (= 25 cv / 3600 tmn with a real 4 stroke or 32 cv / 8000 tmn with a 2 stroke …)

What is the maximum driver weight ?
100 kgs (or + … and it will put a 2 time of 20 kgs instead of the 40 kgs of the 4 strokes)

How do you turn it into a two-seater ?
Side by side with the Y-wheel in the middle, or in tandem

What is the maximum altitude ?
With the Subaru injected = big potato automatically adjusted up to 3,000 m (unlike carbs!) Then, it still goes up !

Practical ceiling ?
150 m! Silent machine scheduled to say hello to people underneath and go drinking the gnole with them!

Max. Permitted weight ?
As marked in the site: 250 kgs (which leaves a good margin for the pilot, gasoline and luggage)

Influence of gasoline (mass and space) on centering ?
20 kgs close to the CG = It goes very well (better than the other machines that lug 50 kgs away from the CG!)

Is the CG on the engine or rather the driver ? In short you are centered before or back ?
CG between pilot and gasoline variable masses. Pendulum centering with horizontal carriage (just 1 ° inclined) = Simple to control at the end of construction … for those who respect the plans and the adjustments.

Did you study a trike version for unprepared terrain ?
Heee: The Spratt 103 is tricycle (which has already landed in the plowing!) It’s not a stupid and dangerous Demoichelle! …

The interlining support is in kraft ?
Of course ! This is the trick to put solid glass fabric and economical polyesther resin on ribs in classic extruded polystyrene (total = 300 € on 2 wings and 15 days to make them!)

Side bars welded to the shrouds ?
It is to rigidify the whole: To avoid that morons rest on the front stay to deform it and to move the wing. It’s also for putting on a camera (and for drying socks and for hanging a hammock) No drag as seen from the front because the guys and the empennage are aligned and the Spratt 103 flies horizontally.

Basically, what did you do to exploit the whole field of flight ?
Yes: Everything you need to fly safely.

What is the mini speed ?
45 km / h calculated and + or – in the nose (because expensive testers had no specific instrument …)

The VNE ?
200 km / h, given the quality of the wings (Yes!)

His VZ ?
Depends on the engine. With the 25 hp / 80 kg of thrust, it makes ~ 3 m / s

His run to take off ?
With the same power = ~ 80 m

How to land in a crosswind ?
In pendulum, one crabs and at the last moment, one aligns the trolley by forcing on the articulation that connects it to the wing. For a Pou or other 2 axes, one crabs and at the last moment, with a sudden blow on the drift of direction, one puts the whole.
For the Spratt 103 it is more effective because it is like putting to the fins / depth but without the drift, so: Crab and at the last moment of a blow of ailerons or rather difference of incidence of the two half wings, Before the induced rolling occurs.

Would you consider selling the finished product or only on plan ?
Plans at first. Machines in kits later. But I prefer that the “pilots” feel concerned by the construction … therefore by the maintenance and the pre-flight visit, contrary to what is happening now with the dangerous planes called ‘ULM’.