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In flight

Side view
“Follow this Spratt !”

Side view
Rear view

Very low drag

Dismontable in 20 mn

By only one person

Very accessible

(and very simple to drive)
President of the Disabled Pilots confirm it !

Paris airshow, june 2002

First presentation to the public

Amphibious version
Side view
Front view

Construction of trike :

TIG welding of the first tubes

Stainless steel and standard sizes

Fuselage simple to realize
Centering test

Concept legally ‘multi-axis’ by its conduct and ‘pendular’ by its centering. Category to choose according to your license

Construction of wings :

Preparation of the composite panels

Specific to the Spratt 103

Drying of the panels

Fiberglass fabric + polyester resin

Cutting with hot wire the extruded polystyrene ribs
Gluing leading edge panels on the ribs
Gluing the intrados and extrados panels
Reinforcement of the leading edge

= C spar

Final painting

Simply, with a roll  😉

Resistance test at + 4 G

…while this concept undergoes maxi 1.5 G !

Engines :

First tests :

Honda GX620 of 20 hp, with reduction

Low power and too many vibrations due to the reduction unit

Kohler of 23 hp

Correct but not very aesthetic

Briggs & Stratton of 23 hp

with prototype propeller

Dishonest power and too fragile

Honda GX690 of 22 hp

Perfect !

Very economic 25 hp engine

‘2 CV’ Citroen car engine (1/2 VW can be OK too)

Ecologic and economic engine in development

Diesel consuming 1 liter per hour of frying oil !

Subaru EH72 with injection, 24 hp

Perfect … but no longer provided

Honda IGX800 with injection, 25 hp

= Actual (R)evolution !

More than perfect ! 2000 $ and 3 years warranty

+ …

Bernard Geffray
Designer of the Spratt 103Named ‘Robin Hood’ in one of the 41 articles published yet (37 + 4/’Anticollisions’) 😉

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