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   You will discover that, such as birds and for reasons of safety, comfort and performance, the aerodynamical logic of an aircraft is to have ‘free’ wings, always parallels to airflow and, due to the very understandable plans, you will have pleasure in building rapidly this concept, largely tested since very long time (..without any accident !)

So… Thanks for your lucidity and ‘Welcome aboard’ !

Bernard Geffray
Designer of the Spratt 103 

The simplest (200 h of construction and just a steering wheel to ‘drive’), the safest (automatic, no stall, absorbs turbulences, …) and the most economical of all aircraft (less than 4.000 $, all inclusive, with new injection engine and… due to the free wings : 50 % less gas consumption than the classic planes !)

…and for those reasons, the most criticized (such as the efficient chloroquine medicine, etc…)

But… (in 2023…), after so many attacks by ‘fixed-wingers’ to hide the truths via the corrupted medias, some are finally beginning to understand, copy and use this concept, which is the unique and pure logic for flying machines !

(= 1-0 🙂 )

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Due to its specificities, the Spratt 103 concept is protected by the INPI and by copyrights.