The Spratt 103 is currently officially recognized and registered in France as Ultralight aircraft “Pendular” (since 23/06/03) and “Multi-axis” (since 17/04/14), without any limitation or prohibition. (Which allows you to drive it according to the patent you own or wish to have !)

“Pendular” by its technique, resulting from its evolution (George Spratt is the inventor of this concept)

“Multiaxis” by its piloting with the handle on 2 axes


George Spratt’s pendular in 1911

Face to this funny real situation, it is evident that the Spratt concept, due to its characteristics, must have a specific regulation

Request done to the french General Aviation since 2002 (without any answer yet…) =

1) Creation of the class N° 7, called “Free wings”
Definition : Pendular aircraft with free wings and freestanding.
Technical conditions : same than pendular and multiaxes.
Teaching : Specific to this new class.

2) Creation of the “Part 103” category in France
Base : US, UK and German regulations for ultralights aircrafts.
Replaces the existing subclasses, called “auxiliary motorized”.

– No compulsory license (free flight regulations).
– Maximum take-off weight : single-seater = maximum 250 kg – two-seaters (for training) = maximum 350 kg
– ‘Stall’ speed = max 50 km/h
– Maxi wing load = 25 kg/m2


The Spratt 103 is officially recognized in France as ultralight aircraft in two technically opposite categories (“pendular” and “multiaxis” … at the choice of the pilot ! ;).
Faced with this inconsistency, the Spratt concept, due to its characteristics, must have a specific regulation.

In order to correspond to the realities and needs of the ultralights aircrafts activity in France and following the positive example made in recent years by England and Germany (application of US ‘Part 103’), modifications of the current regulations must be made to rejuvenate and perpetuate this social and economic activity while avoiding the outlawing of some practitioners (paramotors and other light and slow machines…) having a different spirit and use of their real ultralights aircrafts compared to the actual fast, heavy and dangerous airplanes of the current ‘Ultralights’ category.

Same as some motorized land vehicles (automobiles and 2 wheels) circulate legally without a license, it is logical and necessary that a category of motorized aircraft, light and slow due to their technical characteristics, be allowed to fly without license, under the existing “Free Flight” regulations.

Moreover, the reference to the maximum take-off mass (250 kgs) allows the use of 4-stroke or electric engines, which are heavier but more reliable, quieter and more economical than the usual 2-stroke engines.