Spratt 103

Really the simplest, the safest and the most economic of all aircraft

(reasons for the many attacks it undergoes…)

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Open minded friends : Welcome to this site !

You will find on Technical page that, such as birds and for reasons of safety, comfort and performance, the aerodynamical logic of an aircraft is to have “free” wings always parallels to airflows.

On Plans page, you will learn how to built rapidly and economically your own aircraft with simple and comprehensive plans.

In Forum page, you will find (among other infos) likeminded friends near you, builders and enthusiasts, who will help you achieve your dream of flying differently and intelligently.

Finally, in the FAQ page you will find all the answers to your questions.

So thank you for your support, “welcome aboard” and as for our wings: Let’s move in the right direction !

Bernard Geffray
Designer of the Spratt 103
 The simplest (200 h of construction), the safest (no stall or spins, absorb turbulences and absolutely reliable) and the most economic (less than 4.000 $, with new injected 4-stroke engine, 5 years warranty) of all aircraft ! (real reasons of attacks from some competitors and their complicit medias…)


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Due to its specificities, the Spratt 103 concept is protected by 5 patents with the INPI as well as by copyright in the 163 signatory states of the Bern Convention