4 remote control models

Yves Deniaud  /  Ertan Onkol   /  Jonathan Brown (x 2)

The Spratt 103 by Yves Deniaud

Enchanted by this (appanretly !) very simple pendulaire concept, Yves built a remote control model of it :

“I began to built the trike with wood and plastic parts, then the V tail with 6 mm thick Depron cut with hot wire.”

“While shopping at a toys store, I found a correct sized doll to be the future pilot…”

“After few surgical operations with a gas heater to fold arms and legs, a bit of Depron and some glue, the pilot was placed on board.”


“The wings had been made with 3 mm thick Depron folded and glued on 6 mm thick ribs and covered with large self adhesive rubber tape.”

“Off the shelf universal joints link the wings to the trike.”


“Few more details to finish…”


“…and finally fitting the engine and other control rods.”

“The first test flights are planned for very soon !”

Contact : Yves Deniaud

The Spratt 103 by Ertan ONKOL





Contact : Ertan ONKOL

The two Spratt 103 by Jonathan Brown (USA)

1.  1/6 scale on ground and in flight videos




 2. 1/2 scale on ground and in flight videos



Other RC videos by Jonathan

Contact : Jonathan Brown